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Precision farming in uncertain times:

15 oktober 2020

Application in practice

9:00-9:15        Opening of the symposium

9:15-10:00      Keynote lecture: New Sources of Data in Precision Livestock Farming

Dr. Tomas Norton | Assistant professor | Division Animal & Human Health Engineering | Department of BioSystems | University of Leuven

10:00-10:15    Break

10:15-11:00    Keynote lecture: The economic value of data from precision livestock farming

Dr. Mariska van der Voort | Assistant professor | Business Economics group | Wageningen University and Research

11:00-11:15    Break

11:15-12:00    Keynote lecture: How to work with horizontally partitioned data in agriculture?

Dr. Miel Hostens | Assistant professor | Veterinary Medicine | Department of Farm Animal Health | University of Utrecht

12:00-13:15    Lunch break

13:15-14:15    Afternoon session 1 (15 minutes per talk +5 minutes discussion)

·         Quantitative risk assessment for the introduction of Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae to Dutch food-producing animal farms. Natcha Dankittipong

·         Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in pregnant women and livestock in the mainland of China: a systematic review and hierarchical meta-analysis. Jenny Deng

·         An application of deep learning for differentiating Escherichia coli K99 from E. coli non-K99. Pieter Seinen

14:15-14:30    Break

14:30-15:10    Afternoon session 2

·         What’s the value in sensors detecting sub-optimal mobility in dairy cows: a simulation model. Francis Edwardes

·         Development of SCC after onset of the inflammation using automatic milking system sensor data. John Bonestroo

15:15-15:30    Break

15:30-16:30    General Annual Meeting (members only)   

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